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Strategic Partners in Connected Healthcare

Sharing and connecting are guiding principles of Telekom Healthcare Solutions. They are reflected not only in our portfolio but also in our corporate philosophy. They also, and above all, include cooperation with around 150 partners in the healthcare sector. This cooperation ranges from sales and strategic partnerships to cooperation on innovations to develop specific industry solutions. The basis for all of this is an open platform concept that can be extended to include further participants and third-party providers at any time. In this way we are able, jointly with our partners, to customize our solutions optimally for specific customer requirements and to take connected healthcare further forward.
The following is a selection of partners with whom Telekom Healthcare Solutions is already cooperating.


Dosing GmbH has been developing electronic systems for drug treatment safety since 2006. AiDKlinik® has been in use through Heidelberg University Hospital since 2001.
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epiNET AG is a medium-sized healthcare IT company that is specialized in the hygiene niche market.
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Marienhaus Dienstleistungen GmbH is a Marienhaus Group company. On behalf of our parent organization we secure with our services key support and secondary processes at affiliated hospitals and other facilities.
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The TIP GROUP® with its innovative solutions has set standards for corporate management software in the healthcare sector for 25 years.
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VISUS is a leading provider of process-oriented solutions in image and diagnosis management.
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