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Since 2010 the Healthcare division has grown rapidly at Telekom. It has developed many individual E-Health products of its own, recruited new partners, invested in start-ups, and made successful acquisitions. It has done so on such a large scale that it is now one of Europe’s healthcare ICT market leaders. This achievement potential is now to be extended further. That is why SFPH GmbH was developed further into Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH, which is now in charge of all Telekom activities and business investments in the healthcare sector. Now, for the first time, they have a uniform, overarching presence in the market as Telekom Healthcare Solutions.
Telekom Healthcare Solutions is a Telekom strategic growth area. As a leading provider it unites healthcare and ICT competences that enable all healthcare players to be connected with each other securely and digitally. It bundles and controls centrally all of the Group’s healthcare units around the world and offers an extensive product range of innovative E-Health solutions from a single source, including preventive and protective healthcare and administration in outpatient, inpatient, and home environments. Integrated solutions for healthcare in its entirety are taking shape on the basis of innovative ICT.
In Germany, for example, 220 hospitals with over 100,000 users work on a daily basis with the iMedOne® hospital information system. Around the world more than 350 KIS implementations are operational and around 100 hospitals entrust all of their IT operations to Telekom Healthcare Solutions on a full outsourcing basis. With over 550 installations of the hygiene software Hybase®, Telekom Healthcare Solutions is the market leader in German-language healthcare, and its data center partner HÄVG Rechenzentrum GmbH also operates the entire business process of billing for selective contracts totaling more than three million online patient statements of account per quarter.
Strategic investment in established business models, such as the Hausärztliche Vertragsgemeinschaft Rechenzentrum (a data center for family physicians), HMM Deutschland or Portavita, and targeted partnerships with start-ups such as Tiani Spirit or Medisana add to the E-Health portfolio. Over 700 E-Health specialists around the world deal with customers’ wishes daily.
Telekom is one of the world’s leading ICT enterprises. In addition to its classic fixed-network and mobile access business, Telekom is opening up new growth areas and thereby providing a wide range of communication, entertainment, and IT services with a secure, state-of-the-art network infrastructure that will continue to serve as a sound business base.
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