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OP module and NetApp archiving solution for KRAGES: Find out more
Motivation and incentives for self-help for sufferers of type 2 diabetes: Monitoring Portal Find out more
Virtualizing its SAP applications at T-Systems' Dynamic Healthcare Center: Dynamic Healthcare Center (DHC) Find out more
Artificial intelligence from the Open Telekom Cloud Find out more
Highly available and secure image data from the internet: Full-Outsourcing Find out more
Modern, paperless documentation with the iMedOne® Mobile app at the patient’s bedside: iMedOne® Mobile Find out more
Networking and monitoring IT systems using the Interface Manager for Healthcare: Interface Manager for Healthcare Find out more
Entertainment, communications and work, all managed intelligently in an innovative network, as prime example of a multimedia hospital: Entertain for Hospitals Find out more
High-availability network ensures smooth communication and secure data sharing: Secure, high-availability Networking Find out more