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Gold Partner Interview: „Our health system is often talked about as if it were analogue"“
Feb 12, 2020
Our healthcare system is more digital than its reputation. People like to talk at trade fairs as if it were still totally analogue,” says Mark Düsener, Head of Telekom Healthcare Solutions. Find out more
Deutsche Telekom customer ATEGRIS named digital champion
Aug 13, 2019
ATEGRIS is pursuing digitalization in its hospitals and has received an award from Focus Money as a digital champion. Find out more
Deutsche Telekom on the way to the “digital summit”
Jun 13, 2017
The Deutsche Telekom tour bus is rolling. The digital summit ("Digital-Gipfel") of the federal government will start next Monday. "Connected better living." is the motto of the event in Ludwigshafen.  More
T-Systems SA wins two SAP partner awards
Mar 14, 2017
T-Systems South Africa has received two SAP Partner Awards, including the highly-coveted MD's Award, for its role in transforming clients' businesses and accelerating innovation in Africa. Find out more
Our digital world
Jan 11, 2017
Dr. Axel Wehmeier, Head of Telekom Healthcare Solutions, on the risks and potentials of digitization in the healthcare sector. Find out more