Fitbit is more than a pedometer. It also logs daily calorie consumption along with sleep duration and quality.

Fitbit activity tracker

Get some movement into your daily life!

If you move around a lot in your daily life you can improve your fitness and your health without a training program. The Fitbit activity tracker keeps an incorruptible record of your daily balance sheet.
If you add up the slight differences between taking the stairs or the elevator, between calling the pizza delivery service and shopping for it yourself, between driving or cycles places in the course of a day, you will find that the positive effect is enormous. The good news is that all of us can incorporate these little activity units in our daily office routine without difficulty. And the Fitbit activity tracker will help you to do so.
Fitbit comes with a highly sensitive accelerometer and altimeter and shows you your actual performance. What you get – in addition to what a conventional pedometer does – is the following:
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  • A precise overview of the number of steps you have taken, the number of floors you have walked up and down, the number of calories you have burned, and the distance you have covered.
  • Feedback is in real time because Fitbit is synchronized via the smartphone.
  • If you add in your food intake, the Fitbit app will also calculate automatically how many calories you must still burn to reach your daily target.
  • At night, Fitbit tracks how long you sleep and the quality of your sleep.
With this daily feedback you will learn how to gear your everyday activity individually and more effectively to your needs. Fitbit will show you your successes, improve your motivation perceptibly, and help you to achieve your targets.