The VitaDock health app lets users constantly measure and monitor their vital parameters – free of charge.

VitaDock from Medisana


Patients can use VitaDock devices to measure, store, and monitor their blood glucose, temperature, weight, blood pressure, and pulse data by iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
According to a study by the research2guidance market research institute, cellphones will become increasingly important for medical care in the years ahead. 67 percent of healthcare com-panies reckoned that by 2015 a majority of doctors would be using apps to transmit and store patients’ data. Above all, diseases of modern society such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or asthma are easier to treat in this way. “Mobile healthcare solutions could cushion the dramatic surge in healthcare costs by patients recording their vital signs themselves at home,” says Dr. Pablo Mentzinis of the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). This is where the manufacturer Medisana comes into the picture with its VitaDock family of devices.

Data is stored automatically

With the blood pressure measurement module CardioDock you can check your blood pressure quickly and easily at home. Once it has been started, CardioDock takes up to five measurements in swift succession and then calculates the average to offset natural fluctuations during individual measurements. In addition to the CardioDock blood pressure module diabetics can use the Gluco-Dock module to measure their blood glucose swiftly and comfortably with their iPhone. The iPhone shows the reading five seconds after the measurement is taken, and the app puts an end to the tiresome business of noting blood glucose levels on scraps of paper because all readings are recorded in a digital diary.
ThermoDock transforms the iPhone into an infrared thermometer that can be used to measure the exact temperature of liquids and surfaces fast and contact-free. Infrared technology makes taking measurements especially hygienic and comfortable. For one, body temperature is measured in seconds; for another, the module measures in live mode how hot, for example, the contents of a baby’s bottle are.

These scales show where you really stand

With the TargetScale, iPhones and the like take on a new role as weight managers. They are recog-nized automatically when they set foot on the scales and luminous circles indicate visually how far they are from their target weight. The closer the ring is to the center, the closer you are to your target. The balance test function even shows whether your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. In addition to weight, TargetScale measures the proportion of body fat, muscle, water, and bone mass and calculates the body-mass index. In athlete mode the fitness of people who engage actively in sport is taken into consideration.

App changes iPhone into health manager

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To measure vital signs, users need only the VitaDock app. Downloaded free from the Apple Store on the Internet, it transforms iPhones and the like into digital health managers. The app saves all its measurements to a database, so the patient does not need to take any notes. All readings taken over a longer period can also be shown and checked in the form of curve charts or lists. Data cannot be accessed without the user’s consent. Comments can be made on each measurement. To take measurements, VitaDock modules are simply plugged into the smartphone. GlucoDock, ThermoDock, and TargetScale are compatible with current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models; CardioDock is com-patible only with the iPhone and iPod touch.