Co-creation is supporting digitalization in healthcare, with digital technologies and innovative care concepts.


Healthcare digitalization: co-creation for digital health

Telekom Healthcare Solutions is developing new technologies to drive healthcare digitalization. In order to focus as closely as possible on the needs of users and patients, the company's innovation experts are applying co-creation and design-thinking techniques.
Standardized digitalization procedures are not up to the task of efficiently adapting new technologies to medical institutions' requirements. To develop such technical solutions, therefore, Telekom Healthcare Solutions cooperates closely with innovative partners and with customers themselves. The design-thinking method, adapted for the needs of the healthcare sector, focuses exclusively on users and gives their requirements top priority. It links creative-thinking processes, and design workflows, with current technological, scientific, and economic approaches. As a result, Telekom Healthcare Solutions is tapping the potential of new forms of cooperation to drive healthcare digitalization. In the context of co-creation processes, it is using such new collaborative approaches to develop customized solutions.

Integration into the planning process: Customers involved from the start

The key advantage to this approach is that patients, medical staff, and healthcare institutions alike are directly involved in development phases. This takes direct account of customers' needs, while making product innovation more flexible. And the results can be tested in point-of-care (POC) environments, under real-world conditions. Plans call for additional solutions to be developed, and tested for their practical suitability, in cooperation with partners and customers. Products that succeed on this basis will then be introduced to the healthcare market. This basic approach played a key role, for example, in the development of Medical Asset Tracking, a solution for the localization of medical equipment. Experts for healthcare digitalization agree: Only via co-creation can the healthcare sector successfully adopt such trends as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G.