With De-Pay, cost units and care providers can drastically change their billing process.

De-Pay: integrated electronic billing

De-Pay: integrated electronic billing

  • De-Pay simplifies and speeds up billing processes in the healthcare sector
  • Minimizes administrative paperwork and decreases costs
  • Liquidity management thanks to a fully transparent payment procedure, which can be digitally tracked at any time
  • The new system fulfills all legal requirements
De-Pay is a new electronic billing method for cost units and care providers in the healthcare sector that almost entirely eliminates paper and digitizes the billing process for items like driving services, aids and devices and remedies. The otherwise complex and time-intensive billing process between  care providers and cost units is clearly simplified and thus accelerated. This frees up more capacities for both market partners to focus even more intently on the needs and interests of the insured parties and on difficult cases.

This is how digital billing with De-Pay works

De-Pay supplements the Central Healthcare Platform ZHP.X3 on the cost unit side with simple, secure and fast healthcare billing. The integrated billing process works virtually seamlessly with care provider solutions, e.g. aids and devices (LEOS Hilfsmittel), for remedies (LEOS Heilmittel) and for driving services (De-Touro).
Based on the established X3 standard, De-Pay seamlessly exchanges payment information with the health insurance companies' existing booking systems. To this end, after the service has been rendered the system automatically provides the required payment records for the corresponding service billing between the participating cost units and care providers. The system uses all pre-checked information – from the eKV to cost approval – which was generated during the request, approval and service processes and which is available for the cost unit in electronic format. Unnecessary checking of paper-based documents is eliminated, so that processing takes the shortest possible time. Even patient signatures that confirm services rendered, such as in the remedy, aids and devices and driving services, can be collected digitally.

Mobile use creates transparency

Delivery confirmations play an important role for billing remedies. These can also be easily sent electronically a via tablet PC using the mobile app mobiLOG, which is part of De-Pay. This way the care situation of the insured parties remains transparent at all times. It is even possible to obtain and evaluate feedback from the insured parties using an app.

Secure, legal and widely accepted

De-Pay complies with the guidelines of the Social Code, the administrative regulations on social insurance billing, the VAT law regulations as well as all other regulations, especially in regard to data protection. Many care providers and associations such as the Bundesinnungsverband (BIV) (Federal Guild Association) have already confirmed that they want to use the new procedure. And it is possible to use both De-Pay and the previous service billing procedure at the same time.