With ZHP.X3, health insurance companies can quickly and easily manage care services as well as reduce administrative costs.

ZHP.X3 central healthcare platform

Electronic healthcare management with ZHP.X3

  • The largest online platform globally for healthcare management based on the standard X3 and on X3.Net
  • Secure Networking with Healthcare Providers
  • Fast, top-quality and cost efficient care for more than 25 million insured persons.
  • Integrated billing possible with De-Pay
The central healthcare platform ZHP.X3, operated by the Telekom subsidiary HMM Deutschland  is the leading online platform for the intersectoral, electronic care management in healthcare. It offers health insurance companies a seamless integration with a large range of connected care providers. The individual market partners work with the online suite LEOS for care providers, the counterpart of ZHP.X3.
Already about 10,000 participating care providers and more than 40 connected health insurance companies benefit from simplified healthcare processes due to the extensive networking through the online platform: From the application to the healthcare decisions and the actual providing of care to billing and payment for the received care, ZHP.X3 covers all processes of healthcare management in detail. In this process, the online platform also interlinks downstream IT-systems of care providers and health insurance companies and it can seamlessly be integrated into existing system environments.

Workflow optimization – cost reduction

Within the scope of shadow processing, healthcare management via ZHP.X3 furthermore includes workflow optimization: Incoming reports concerning insured events are automatically assigned to the appropriate branch office and the responsible administrator. For some processes, the automatic approval based on the rules and standards of the individual health insurance companies is also possible. The benefits are obvious. The processing is freed up and can focus on strategic tasks, like the augmentation of customer satisfaction. In addition, the administrative costs can be reduced.

The whole healthcare management within one system

In addition, as a management information system, ZHP.X3 provides specific key data like costs, type of care, as well as available and used resources for a professional controlling in healthcare management and the efficient control of cost reductions. As all necessary information is already in the system in a pre-tested and approved form, billing and payments can be effected directly from the online platform through the integrated billing process De-Pay.

Seamless data exchange via X3.Net

ZHP.X3 is the only platform in Germany and the largest platform worldwide for interconnected healthcare management based on the healthcare network X3.Net and the X3 standard developed by HMM Deutschland. The latter is the technical basis for the digital data exchange in the healthcare sector. Currently more than 20 software providers support the data format. ZHP.X3 is operated in maximum security data processing centers to fulfill, aside from compatibility requirements, also the specific requirements for data security and data protection in healthcare. Both, the solution itself and HMM Deutschland as the operator are periodically audited by independent third parties.