The modern nursing bed from Burmeier, LINAK, and Telekom provides more safety, security, and flexibility for in-home care.

Intelligent Care Bed

Intelligent care bed – Enhanced safety and better support for relatives

A joint assistence solution from Burmeier, LINAK and Telekom
Caring for people at home often is a challenge. However, modern care beds with digital assistance systems provide help.
The care bed with integrated e-help technology can facilitate the communication between people in need of care and their families. It passes on sensor-generated data via a Telekom M2M communication module indicating, for example, that the patient has left the bed. If there is no pressure on the backrest for a specified period of time, an automatic absence report is sent to the family or to a control center such as the home emergency switchboard of the German Red Cross (DRK). The DRK switchboard can call the patient on the same line and if needed forwards a text message to alert the family or sends somebody along to check on the patient.
The modern care bed also allows to quickly set up an independent communication. By simply pressing a button, people in need of care can activate a bedside hands-free phone function and call relatives or a call center. If the call is not answered, the next preset numbers are called automatically. Furthermore: When the patient gets up at night, a mechanical load sensor automatically switches on an under bed light and/or a reading lamp to illuminate the room. This helps with orientation and effectively prevents falls. Consequently, the modern e-help technology provides people in need of care and their families with more safety and greater flexibility.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Burmeier care beds for greater comfort, individuality, flexibility, and safety
  • Digital assistance for users, carers and families
  • Easy to handle via an integrated hands-free set
  • Smart lighting helps to prevent falls
  • Movement sensors as part of the electric bed adjustment system by LINAK
  • Guaranteed data security
Telekom developed the intelligent care bed as a project in collaboration with the partners Burmeier and LINAK.