The Trail Connect data management system provides a long-term, secure way to manage and archive research and study data.

Trial Connect

Trial Connect Simplifies Time- and Site-Independent Medical Research

Clinical and biomedical basic research is increasingly undertaken in overall, multicentric networks. Working with large data volumes is also intensifying fast. Trial Connect takes up these trends and offers users an ideal environment in which to carry out, for example, image-based clinical studies.
Trial Connect is designed for research teams at universities, hospitals as well as contract research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry that need to manage scientific data cost- and time-efficiently, site-independently, and sustainably. What users get is an end-to-end tool environment in which they can work on studies across their entire life cycle and with a wide range of interfaces.
The process chain extends from setting up new studies, sequence control and project communication to evaluating and analyzing image data by means of innovative web technologies. Trial Connect uses Telekom’s data centers that fully comply with German data protection standards. So these certificated data centers provide a trustworthy and reasonably priced environment in which to archive data and facilitate a wide range of data reuse.


The number of scientific activities that take place in multicenter networks is growing constantly. At the same time more and more studies use imaging techniques because they enable proof of the efficacy or side-effects of therapies to be provided swiftly and comprehensibly.

The solution

With Trial Connect, studies of any size or complexity can be managed safely and at minimum cost. The web-based work environment provides researchers with processes and functions that can be used flexibly to record, share, assess, and analyze study data. Trial Connect maps the entire lifecycle of numeric and image data. Researchers also receive fully developed, technically mature components for location-independent image evaluation. The offering ranges from uploading and arriving at results to integrating customized evaluation algorithms. Trial Connect stores data records in a protected long-term archive from which they can be migrated easily into other systems.

Key Benefits of Trial Connect

  • Consistency: comprehensive web-based solution for study design, project control, collaboration, data management, image filing, image evaluation, and long-term archiving
  • Process efficiency: time- and place-independent uploading and processing of study data
  • Cost effectiveness: a solution for studies of all sizes and degrees of complexity that is scalable and comes with volume-independent storage of image data
  • Sustainability: data lifecycle can be fully structured – from study design to replication and follow-up uses
  • Availability: redundant ISO/IEC 27001 certificated data centers ensure access to data
  • Data protection: data storage that complies with German and conforms to EU data protection legislation
  • Flexibility: Trial Connect is scalable to different study sizes and can be expanded in a modular manner, such as to include (semi-)automated image evaluation
  • Eases burden on inhouse IT resources: system maintenance and development by independent platform operators
Users pay a one-off setup fee and can use all of Trial Connect’s basic functions. Image data can be filed independently of volume. Subject to research requirements, further options can be booked, so study operators pay only for what they actually use.