The SAP solution for hospital controlling facilitates automatic processing and improves cost-effectiveness.


Accounting that pays dividends

Our integrated solution for in-house and external accounting helps you to keep your facility under control and to maintain an overview of all your financial flows. Ensuring uniform financial and controlling data throughout the hospital lays the economic groundwork for running the hospital economically.
With our system you ensure uniformity of financial and controlling data across institutional borders. You create a streamlined, end-to-end process chain, improve your cash flow, and reduce your current assets. You thereby gain better control over your financial resources, your liquidity, and your financial risks. In addition, you ensure better profitability and compliance with any provisions required.

Product description and performance features

Accounting consists in SAP of the modules Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), and Asset Accounting (FI-AA). Our system solution enables you to automate payments and reminders, reducing significantly the burden of work faced by the hospital administration. The application can take over and process automatically the relevant accounting data from the upstream HR, IS-H, and MM modules. It goes without saying that statutory requirements are fulfilled in every respect.

An overview of the modules:

  • Financial Accounting (FI) enables subsidiary and main accounts to be integrated. Each entry in a subsidiary account automatically triggers an entry in the corresponding general ledger account. SAP’s mapping of financial accounts is suitable for individual companies, holding companies, and hospital chains because several accounting areas can run under one client and entries can be made beyond individual accounting areas.
  • The electronic statement functionality enables automated entries and clearing of open items.
  • Comprehensive reporting and forms facilitate many opportunities for automatic data evaluation and list creation.
  • Updating means that every account activity in asset accounting (AA) directly triggers an entry in the relevant general ledger account. Asset accounting supports customized structures of any kind by means of freely definable asset classes.
  • The asset accounting module is also easy to use with its system-controlled entry masks, predefined parameters (such as for the depreciation key), and reports (such as the depreciation run) that calculate amounts automatically and trigger accounting processes.
  • Controlling (CO) supports cost type or cost center accounting and order invoicing. All controlling-relevant transactions in the hospital operation are transferred automatically to the controlling system. In this way the entire in-house flow of values is documented with due regard for organizational aspects. The use of several accounting areas can be mapped in overall cost accounting – irrespective of any statutory requirement for individual financial statements in financial accounting. Discrepancies between planned and actual figures can be retrieved at any time.
With profitability growing increasingly important we make sure that your hospital is run economically.