The® SAP hospital information system provides assistance from the intake all the way to discharge of the patient. incorporates features such as:
  • Rudiments of a smart user interface
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Specific workflow support.
Different documentation workplaces have been restructured to improve workflow support. Be it op, radiologie, or station, a view of the patient’s file that is adapted to the situation delivers relevant targeted information fast, while the user receives a task list that is customized for his or her role and therefore both serves as a reminder and helps with implementation. The requisite next steps for working on the task are extrapolated automatically and provided as far as possible with appropriate default data.

The key benefits:

  • Can be used across sector borders in medical areas
  • Integrated electronic patient file
  • Specific variations and flexible tools
  • Available worldwide in 300 hospitals, 18 countries, and eight languages
  • Transparent planning and full documentation
  • Improvement of quality standards