SAP ERP optimizes hospital logistics by integrating the pharmacy system as well as linking it with controlling activities.


Perfectly organized thanks to optimal logistics

Logistics facilitates optimal deliveries of all goods needed at the hospital at all times. Take the direct route with our logistics.
In hospital operation it can be very serious, not to say life threatening, if material required is not available in the quantity and quality required. How can this availability be ensured – at the right time and place and at an affordable cost? An optimal flow of materials presupposes a fully operational and properly functioning flow of information. With our system you can control the flow of information between all areas of the hospital.

Product description and performance features

Materials management in SAP ERP is the core application for logistics business processes in hospitals. It is also the link with commercial applications such as financial and asset accounting, not to mention controlling instruments. Materials management covers functions that range from procurement via inventory management to auditing of accounts.
Shipping and billing functions are included to enable the hospital pharmacy to deliver to other hospitals and facilities. The pharmacy system is integrated into the commercial applications and supports inter alia on-site manufacturing and patient-related medication delivery.
To maintain the technical equipment of a hospital so that it is always ready for use and to fulfill statutory requirements, to withstand cost pressure, and to correspond to budget specifications, a maintenance component is incorporate to plan, implement, bill, and analyze maintenance processes in the hospital.
Improve the quality of your treatment with our system – and reduce your costs at the same time. After all, constantly updated and constantly available information about material inventories and consumption and scheduled additions and disposals is the basis for economic decisions.
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