The KIS-App Medical Patient Record ensures optimized treatment processes.

Mobile Patient Record

Mobile Patient Record – for on the move

The Mobile Patient Record app provides rapid, simple access to patient information and optimizes treatment processes true to the motto: less time typing – more time spent with the patient!

The digital patient record supports mobile ward rounds

Consult and add information on your patients fast at their bedside, validate the new findings on the hospital rounds – that's something physicians, care staff, and medical controlling would like to see. The Mobile Patient Record provides access to laboratory results, medical findings and documents, wound photos, PACS, and archives. That way important issues can be discussed with the patient during the ward round. With the HIS app (Hospital Information System) Mobile Patient Record all that becomes fast and easy. The data sharing can also be extended flexibly using the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard. So health care data can also be processed on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones – implementation in existing systems is simple.

Enter forms and findings on the iPad

The mobile form designer “adds paper” to the iPad. Anamneses and documentation are now completed in situ. After all, mobile forms save time and money. Forms with high data quality can be designed by using input fields, photos, graphics, and validation rules, all of which does away with the need for clipboard and paper. The findings are recorded in a structured way, standardizing and speeding up the process. Text modules and voice recognition help input records. And findings can even be signed using a stylus.

Mobile dictation, voice recognition, scanning, and photo documentation

Dictation is done on the iPad and sent straight to the medical clerical services without delay. The patient record can be consulted on the split screen while dictating – allowing physicians to access laboratory results, PACS images, diagnoses, and previous findings. The mobile voice recognition goes a step further and supports rapid progress notes. The mobile scan function allows patient wristbands, blood reserves, drugs, and materials to be recorded. Documents brought in by the patient are also scanned into the case file in seconds. Physicians value the enhanced treatment reliability by storing a patient photo in the mobile case file. Photo documentation in theater and in situ: Recording date and patient information are copied straight onto the photo so that there is no need to waste time manually classifying photos. Personal data on the patient’s status, a birthday reminder, and a patient photo make for a personal approach – patients always feel they’re “in good hands.”

Efficient workflows and improved facts

The Mobile Patient Record app supports and optimizes treatment processes. Spend less time typing – more time with the patient. During the ward rounds the clinical staff already arrange the diagnostic tests. The status of contracted service facilities is always “under control.” Direct entry in situ does away with the need to write up records afterwards. The Mobile Patient Record supports seamless follow-up records.