The SAP ERP HCM human resources management software is hosted by T-Systems and helps hospitals save on IT resources.

Personnel Management

Systematic personnel management

Our SAP-based personnel management for healthcare and welfare services and for the public sector helps you to concentrate on core competences, to optimize processes, and to make full use of reserves.
The bandwidth of personnel services that we can handle for you is extensive. Payroll accounting usually imposes an undue strain on employees with its time-consuming administrative tasks. We can do all of the work for you: from the payroll run, including monthly follow-on activities such as remote data transmission (ELSTER, DEUEV, BAV), to the printing and mailing of wage and salary slips. The software runs entirely on servers at our data center, so it relieves the burden on your IT department.

Product description and performance features

Depending on your requirements you can use our SAP-based personnel management system SAP ERP HCM as a partial solution or a complete system for all aspects of personnel management, from simple administrative support to meaningful evaluation. The system is customized optimally for the requirements of healthcare and welfare services and the public sector. It already incorporates over 50 wage agreements and a pool of around 3,000 salary types from the public sector. It fits seamlessly into the Microsoft Office suite, caters for unlimited storage, and can display the audit and history capability of all data. Our service also includes personal support provided by experts, printing and mailing of bills, and comprehensive scanning services along with legally compliant data archiving.

The benefits at a glance

  • Automated payroll run, including follow-on activities
  • A pool of industry-specific evaluations
  • Clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Creates leeway for strategic personnel work
  • Transparent costs, reliable planning, flexibility
  • Low demand on in-house IT resources
As a longstanding SAP development partner in human capital management for the public sector with over 20 years of industry experience we can support you effectively and professionally. Telekom handles the monthly payroll accounting for over 500,000 employees, including customers from industry, the public sector, and healthcare. We provide more efficient personnel management processes and create leeway for more personnel development work. We would be delighted to find the right solution for you too.