The eHealth Composite development platform enables healthcare applications to be developed quickly and simply.

eHealth Composite

Development platform for healthcare applications

  • Modular and standard-oriented development platform
  • Based on IHE profiles and HL7 standard
  • Developing interoperable healthcare applications
  • Implementing different integration requirements
The healthcare sector in Germany has been subject to ongoing change for many years. Whereas care processes used to revolve around the institutions, particularly in regard to hospitals, these days patient-focused care principles generally apply. This also means patients are no longer treated in just one hospital or by a single physician – but instead care is divided between a number of different specialist institutions and medical consultants. With the aid of state-of-the-art telemedicine, patients can now even be treated in the comfort of their own home surroundings.
However, this fundamental change not only unleashes new potential, but also places new demands on medical care. The development of IT systems, which are playing an increasingly important role in medicine, is particularly challenging – especially when it comes to the exchange of patient information, avoiding media disruptions and connecting heterogeneous IT landscapes together intelligently. Mastering these challenges calls for the strict application of appropriate processing and communications standards as part of an intelligent development platform.

A simpler way of developing healthcare applications

All this has led Telekom Healthcare Solutions to develop the eHealth Composite (eHC) platform as a state-of-the-art, standard-oriented platform for developing applications. IHE profiles (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) provide the necessary basis for standardized mapping of the requisite IT processes. The development platform is also based on the HL7 standard and works with the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) document exchange format. The eHC platform thus provides product developers with a basis for developing interoperable healthcare applications simply and quickly. Consistent abstraction enables product developers to meet integration requirements at different professional levels in a standardized manner.
The development platform consists of different modules, which can be used individually or in combination for implementing healthcare applications to meet a very wide range of requirements. For example, there are modules for creating structured medical documents, managing the related required terminology, and also for evaluating these documents. Furthermore, the eHC platform provides all the necessary functions for communicating with a standardized (IHE-compatible) eHealth infrastructure.
The eHC platform was first used as part of the “CCS Telehealth Ostsachsen” project in East Saxony. The telemedicine platform was developed on the basis of the eHC platform.