T-Systems is a certified KV-SafeNet network coupling provider and provides routers for secure KV billing.

TeleSec KV-SafeNet network coupling

TeleSec KV-SafeNet network coupling

  • Secure billing for hospitals and clinics with the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen) using KV-SafeNet
  • Based on the VPN solution TeleSec LineCrypt for encrypted data transmission
  • Central subscriber authentication prevents unauthorized access
KV-SafeNet access gives providers a secure link to the network of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV), where they can handle all of their KV billing transactions and take advantage of other online services. In order to improve data security in healthcare, use of the network coupling is required for hospitals and clinics. As a certified KV-SafeNet provider, the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems provides not only the proper network coupling router, they also offer additional security and reporting functions for the connection that extend beyond the specified guidelines. The solution is geared toward both hospitals and clinics as well as operators of network infrastructures.

Encrypted access to KV-SafeNet

Hospitals and clinics handle sensitive personal data. Data protection therefore has top priority. The network coupling routing establishes the connection to a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN), which uses the integrated and proven VPN solution TeleSec Line Crypt for data transmission. The encryption device encrypts the data and thus protects it from unauthorized access.

Secure access with user authentication

In addition, access to KV-SafeNet is provided through an authentication service. The subscribers, e.g., a registered hospital physician, logs in with a user name and password. These can be managed in the user self-service area. Activities are recorded at user level using a personal terminal ID. Central administration of all subscribers and authentication takes place in the secure data centers of Telekom; authorization and rights allocations are performed in the KV systems. This ensures that online billing via the KV-SafeNet is only carried out by authorized persons and that data processing meets the highest security standards.

Greater IT security for multi-user environments

Not only does the Telekom solution comply with the basic specifications of the KV-SafeNet (network coupling) guideline, it also meets additional aspects that can be offered optionally, tailored to the specific requirements. For instance, this includes the reliable authentication of different subscribers within terminal server environments. The TeleSec network coupling also supports proprietary services (e.g., D2D tcp service).
A redundantly designed network coupling provides especially high availability. If one link fails, operation can continue without interruption via a second connection.