Obtain hospital IT services securely from the cloud and optimize IT processes with Telekom Healthcare Cloud (THC).

Telekom Healthcare Cloud (THC)

Telekom Healthcare Cloud (THC) – IT on Demand

The Telekom Healthcare Cloud (THC) is a Telekom IT platform developed specially for healthcare enterprises and facilities to enable them to make flexible, secure, and modular use of IT resources. Using IT on demand not only supports efficient work but also optimizes IT budget use.
The hospital management, physicians and nursing staff benefit from the THC mapping core processes by means of software solutions of its own and catering professionally for the special requirements of the healthcare sector. It uses either the customer’s existing applications or applications provided by Telekom, which also ensures that they function safely. The Telekom Healthcare Cloud thereby combines technological progress and scalable dynamic services based on Telekom’s high security standards.
THC delivers all services from a single source: from migration via the broadband connection to full-service operation. Telekom is the central service provider, assumes end-to-end responsibility and thereby facilitates a coordinated approach.

Technology & Standards

  • Virtualization of computing and storage capacities
  • Cloud technologies as a basis for innovations and standards


  • Service provision at short notice
  • Swift adjustment of service provision to exact requirements

Security & Data Protection

  • High data center security standards for your private cloud
  • Dedicated connection and secure network infrastructure
  • Platforms comply to current BSI basic protection catalogs

Modular Services and Flexible Operating Models

The standard platform enables services from a specified catalog to be combined with flexible operating models. Customers are thereby enabled to implement the service cut they require and to adjust it whenever they need to.

Customer Advantages and Benefits

  • Operational stability and implementation of statutory requirements
  • Professional data security
  • Customized solutions
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • No investment in IT infrastructure
  • Pay-as-you-order
  • Long-term reliable partner Telekom
  • Clear service cut simplifies management and administration
  • Participation in technological innovation, such as mobility
  • Customer able to concentrate on core competences and processes