The University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, UKE) is one of the most modern hospitals in Europe with specialists from a wide range of disciplines who work together under one roof. This goes hand in hand with complex employee structures that pose particular challenges to the daily work of the HR department. Recurring routine work had to be outsourced to give them more flexibility. The UKE decided to outsource payroll accounting. Telekom Healthcare Solutions has been responsible for managing this for several years. Using the SAP® ERP HCM human resource management system, the company performs the monthly payroll accounting for around 11,000 personnel cases on an outsourcing service basis for the UKE - including printing and sending the pay stubs. Digital personnel files ensure that all documents are also available regardless of time and location. In overview, the capabilities include:

  • Maintenance of the SAP® HCM applications for human resources management, staff payroll accounting, organizational management, staff cost planning, travel expense management and time management
  • Use of the digital personnel file
  • Implementation of the monthly payroll accounting including follow-up activities as an outsourcing service for the UKE
  • Printing and direct mailing of pay stubs to around 11,000 employees
  • Use of the integrated rate structures TV-KAH, DEHOGA, Federal State of Hamburg building cleaners, security and gate service, various wage agreements, VSH, employee TVV, trainee TVV, AVH, TV RUK, Federal State of Hamburg civil servant rates, fixed salaries, hourly wages

Download the flyer "University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf" (German)


As a maximum care hospital, the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) treats around 89,000 inpatient and around 275,000 outpatient patient cases annually. It has 1,600 beds and is organized into more than 80 interdisciplinary clinics, polyclinics, and institutes. It is the only institution in the surrounding region in which many therapeutic services, such as in the area of transplants, can be performed. Including its subsidiaries, the UKE has around 11,000 employees and is actively involved in medical research and in the training of young scientists and doctors.


A university clinic the size of the UKE includes a large number of centers, clinics, institutes, and central services, and is also significantly involved in academic research and teaching. From the HR department perspective, this means a large number of administrative activities for many different professional fields. To better meet these daily challenges, the hospital's HR department wanted to outsource recurring routine work. The monthly payroll accounting takes a lot of time and involves extensive printing and distribution tasks, and seemed particularly well suited for outsourcing. Personnel data is particularly sensitive and confidential, and consequently a service provider with substantial experience and know-how was required for this task. Particular attention was also paid to the potential use of existing systems and thus to interfaces with the financial accounting SAP® ERP, the service planning system, and the SHA archive. The large number of different rate structures that must be taken into account in monthly payroll accounting also posed a particular challenge for outsourcing. Despite all the requirements, the assignment of the task to a service provider should still be as inexpensive as possible.


Against the background of these challenges, the UKE decided in 2002 in favor of Telekom Healthcare Solutions. The preconfigured solution based on SAP® ERP HCM was a perfect fit for the requirements of the HR department: Using a standardized personnel management system and at the same time with individual further customizations to expand it in a modular manner.
The Telekom Healthcare Solutions solution is based on an SAP® ERP HCM platform which has been built up and continuously developed for years. Many evaluations, rate structures and functionalities required in health and social services, or in the area of public administration, are already integrated at no additional cost. An experienced team of experts is available to support and maintain the HCM modules for HR administration, payroll accounting, organizational management, staff cost planning, travel expense management, and time management. In addition, Telekom Healthcare Solutions is a service provider with more than 40 years of experience in the field of payroll accounting for the healthcare sector. In addition to actually handling the accounting for around 11,000 personnel cases, which must be run every month as an outsourcing service for the UKE, Telekom Healthcare Solutions takes care of printing and sending the pay stubs directly to the employees. All personnel-relevant information is transferred to the employee's digital personnel file, which guarantees a permanent availability that is location-independent, with legally compliant access and audit-proof archiving of the documents.


By introducing this solution and outsourcing payroll accounting to Telekom Healthcare Solutions, the UKE's HR department has freed up resources to better focus on and more intensively carry out the department's core tasks. At the same time, operating costs could be reduced. The integrated reporting system leads to more transparency and security in business processes. With the introduction of the digital personnel file, the effectiveness of the personnel management system could be further increased, as it enabled further administrative processes to be automated and become more flexible. Instead of the classic method for archiving employee personnel files in hanging files and filing cabinets, they are now available with the click of a mouse to HR managers and supervisors in digitalized form at any time and any location, and are archived in a revision-proof manner.

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