The telematics infrastructure allows service providers to communicate securely within a closed network.

Telematics in healthcare

Telematics in healthcare

Benefits for your practice
The Telekom's subsidiary company T-Systems has won the tender issued by gematik, the electronic health insurance card company set up by the German healthcare industry, to trial its secure telematics infrastructure. Jointly with around 500 physicians, dentists and psychotherapists, and five hospitals in Bavaria and Saxony we want to try out the secure digital information interchange technology in the months ahead – as a kind of dress rehearsal for its launch throughout Germany. The telematics infrastructure that is taking shape will not only provide noticeable easements for all healthcare participants but also help to improve medical care. The statutory health insurers and their service providers are also involved in these large-scale trials.

What is the telematics infrastructure?

The healthcare telematics infrastructure connects the IT systems of doctors’ and dentists’ practices, pharmacies, hospitals, and health insurers with each other. It thereby lays the groundwork for a systematic interchange of information. Data protection and the right of self-determination in respect of personal information will be upheld at all times.

Be part of it from the word ‘go’

The secure telematics infrastructure will provide you in your practice with many benefits. It is open as a technical platform for existing and future applications. The electronic health insurance card, which over 95 percent of patients with statutory health insurance already have, and the electronic ID card for medical and healthcare professionals are an essential requirement for using the infrastructure.
You have an opportunity to play an active part in shaping and trying out secure digital communication in the healthcare sector. All you need is an Internet connection; we provide everything else. By taking part in the trials you will make your practice fit for the future right now.

Test it in your practice

When testing the infrastructure in your practice we will take a closer look at the telematics solution’s stability and security and at its compatibility with your existing systems. For the trials we will ask you to actively assist us, for which you will of course receive an expense allowance.

Your assistance will consist of

  • Selected practice staff undergoing instruction by us in your practice during installation (the instruction will take about an hour)
  • Using the components and services provided
  • Providing an Internet connection, a power supply and a local network
  • Taking part in the scientific evaluation

You will be provided with the following components free of charge:

  • A software update for your stationary and mobile card reader
  • A connector to set up the connection between your practice network and the telematics infrastructure
  • A new electronic ID card for medical and healthcare professionals (HBA)
  • An institutional card (SMC-B) for your practice

This is how your practice will benefit from the trials:

  • Additional infrastructure
  • A software update for your practice information system to add telematics interfaces
  • Online checks of electronic health insurance cards to ensure that administrative data is always up to date
  • Thanks to the qualified electronic signature (QES), documents such as referral letters can be duly and legally signed and sent as encrypted files
  • An expense allowance for your participation
We look forward to your participation.