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In just 50 days, SAP and Deutsche Telekom developed the Corona contact tracing app, and launched it on June 15. There were over 18.4 million downloads over a 100-day period.

iMedOne® Mobile, eVersand und eFallakte -

Telekom’s iMedOne® hospital information system is ready for communications in the medical sector. In the future, hospitals will be able to replace the paper doctor’s letter and save time and money.

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Patients expect an integrated treatment record, say Rahul Butta of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH and Michael Waldbrenner, Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH, in their interview.

iMedOne® Mobile, Medikationsmanagement -

iMedOne® is among the first hospital information systems to be able to connect to the telematics infrastructure of the German healthcare system.

Pflegedokumentation -

Born in the United Kingdom, Kate Berghaus talks about how she came to join the Group, the differences between the healthcare systems in Germany and her home country, and what corona has revealed.


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