iMedOne® Mobile, eVersand und eFallakte

Just weeks after gematik successfully tested the functionality of iMedOne® for the e-medication plan, the next step toward digitalized healthcare follows: gematik has now confirmed the compliance of the iMedOne® interface with the KIM client module*.

"In the future, hospitals will be able to forego paper completely when sending doctor’s letters," explains Dirk Hoffmann, product manager at Telekom. Printing letters, signing them by hand, putting on stamps, and taking them to the post office will be a thing of the past. With the KIM functionality in iMedOne®, hospitals will be able to create, send and receive doctor’s letters electronically. With large hospitals sending out several thousand doctor’s letters every day, the potential savings are considerable. 

Preparing for rollout

The KIM functionality of iMedOne® is currently being prepared for rollout. It will then be made available as part of an update, if desired, to hospitals already using the HIS.

In 2017, iMedOne® was the first system of its kind to send and receive electronic doctor's letters using KV-Connect – the secure communications network of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the health insurance companies – and to successfully pass audit by TV Telematik GmbH. iMedOne is used by more than 230 hospitals across Germany®.

For the secure digital exchange of data, hospitals, medical practices and pharmacies are connected to a central telematics infrastructure that connects all participants in the German healthcare system in a single network. The connectors coordinate and encrypt communications, ensuring the secure transmission of sensitive patient information.

*Gematic has confirmed the compliance of Telekom's iMedOne® hospital system interface with the KIM client module for communications in the medical sector (KIM). The KIM client module is a software package responsible for the signature and for automatic encryption and decryption when sending and receiving doctor’s letters.

Say goodbye to the paper doctor's letter


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