We interconnect the healthcare system  through innovative solutions and prepare it for future requirements and standards.
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We interconnect the healthcare system

In the coming years, the healthcare sector will experience a paradigm shift. Instead of an provider-oriented, centrally organized care system, the future healthcare system will be more individual, more decentralized and increasingly digitalized.
Nothing will remain the same. This also applies to healthcare. By means of digital communication and monitoring processes, patients' care will increasingly be relocated into their own homes. That will lower costs while simultaneously increasing life quality. At the same time, the information exchange among care providers will increase. To date, they act largely within self-contained systems, storing the treatment data of patients in local, isolated IT-environments. However, in the future the intersectoral exchange of data, as well as the secure, direct communication with patients and care providers will prevent redundant examinations. This saves time, improves patient care and overall lowers costs.
This development in the healthcare sector results in particular requirements for the IT infrastructure. For example, the outsourcing of processes makes sense, as it allows care providers to fully and exclusively focus on their core competences. Telekom Health Care Solutions, who has positioned itself nationally as well as internationally as an enabler for the networking of all stakeholders in healthcare takes this point as its point of origin. Our solutions for the comprehensive communication and the intersectoral data exchange encompasses all facilities involved in the healthcare process, like the outpatient aftercare or the invoicing with insurance companies.
For that purpose, Telekom Health Care Solutions relies on open, scalable operating and software platforms and on cross-sectoral electronic data transmission and communications infrastructure for the healthcare system, which form the basis of our portfolio. These include:
  • The Dynamic Healthcare Center – a secure and scalable operating platform
  • The platform ZHP.X3 – providing contracts between insurance companies and other care providers
  • De-Pay – automated billing for care providers and insurance companies
  • Healthcare focused on the general practitioner – infrastructure for the billing of selective contracts between general practitioners and health insurance companies
  • The telematics infrastructure – connecting IT systems in healthcare
  • The platform Patient Entertain – multimedia patient entertainment and information with the application Entertain for Hospitals
  • iMedOne® – the HIS (hospital information system) with the best connections
For us, data security is always the highest priority. Our IT-services and our advanced German data processing provide the opportunity to operate systems centrally by Telekom Healthcare Solutions. They are also an important basis, to offer our services to clients from the healthcare sector – from basic server operation to cloud-based software-as-service offers. This solution offering encompasses the topics telematics, ambient assisted living (AAL), hospital IT, telemonitoring, as well as the digitalization of processes in the area of billing and of the supply of remedies and resources. In this way, Telekom Healthcare Solutions covers all of the IT-value-added-chain and thus strengthens their position as market leader for intelligent networking in healthcare.