Our cloud platform makes healthcare more efficient. Many hospitals rely on their own data centers and manage their IT infrastructure with long-standing, proven solutions, but they would also like to benefit from the advantages cloud technology brings – such as high scalability, resilience, or flexible costs. This is all possible thanks to our platform solutions. Doctors, specialists, and administrators all benefit from our long-standing healthcare expertise combined with the latest cloud technologies.


A modern cloud platform offers all services for the healthcare sector from a single source – from migration to broadband connectivity to complete system operation. Existing hospital applications can be used or Telekom can supply them as a central service provider.

  • Modern cloud platform as the basis for digital innovation
  • Secure foundation for the development of new business models
  • Full service from IaaS to SaaS, transformation and integration
  • Provider, integrator and orchestrator for multi-cloud solutions
  • Extensive outsourcing expertise and 10 years of cloud technology experience
  • Detailed knowledge of hospital IT, e.g. SAP solutions
  • Cloud ecosystem with world-class strategic alliances
  • Standardized cloud transformation for simple processes
  • Focus on compliance, IT security and data protection
  • Operating in the highly secure Deutsche Telekom data centers



We offer high scalability, resilience, and cost efficiency. Doctors, specialists, and administrators all benefit from our healthcare cloud platforms. 


Telekom Healthcare Cloud

Our Healthcare Cloud saves IT resources and budgets, and facilitates efficient hospital operation.

SAP® S/4HANA for healthcare

The SAP® S/4HANA solution for Healthcare from Telekom Healthcare Solutions will steer your hospital to success.


Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Patients expect an integrated treatment record, say Rahul Butta of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH and Michael Waldbrenner, Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH, in their interview.

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Esslingen Hospital

Esslingen Hospital

The Esslingen Hospital is virtualizing its SAP® applications in the Telekom Healthcare Cloud.

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Dernbacher Gruppe

Dernbacher Gruppe Katharina Kasper

The Dernbacher Gruppe and Telekom Healthcare Solutions combine in a long-standing IT partnership.

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FUSE-AI and Open Telekom Cloud


FUSE-AI has developed a system that can detect and classify carcinomas on MRI scans.

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