A high level of IT security in hospitals is a must because the threat is increasing: nine out of ten companies have already been affected by hacker attacks, according to security company Kaspersky. The number of daily attacks on Deutsche Telekom's IT runs into millions, with the Security Radar showing the current status. We offer the complete solution for a strong immune system for successful cyber-defense and the stable operation of hospital IT.


71percent of attacks on healthcare facilities are successful, due to internal gaps (IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, 2017)
74percent of Germans would like a standardized security solution for healthcare facilities (ÄrzteZeitung [German Medical newspaper] 2019)
1500000euros is the average losses caused per cyberattack worldwide (Radware Global Application & Network Security Report, 2019)


For us, IT security in the hospital is the top priority. Networked IT controls life-saving machines and processes – including in intensive care units and operating theaters. That's why Deutsche Telekom pursues a strict zero-fault strategy for optimum protection. The cost to hospitals is low, but the benefits are high.

  • Targeted defense against professional cyberattacks
  • Protection against new threat scenarios such as Advanced Persistent Threats
  • High-end at a low price: Cyber-Defense offers clinics defensive measures that are otherwise only used by large corporations
  • Reduced burden on employees: security tools are configured and monitored by cyber security specialists at Telekom
  • Pre-configured solutions for up-to-date, tailor-made protection
  • Short implementation times and lower maintenance effort
  • Provision of hardware, licenses, monitoring and maintenance by Telekom's IT security team




The analysis of the existing situation and the formulation of recommendations for action form the basis of a stable cyber-protection shield for IT security in hospitals.

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The focus here is on the IT security of firewalls and end-user devices – such as desktop PCs or tablets as well as life-saving medical technology and a networked hospital inventory.



This important step toward high IT security in the hospital is covered by an Incident Response Service. Specially trained experts from Deutsche Telekom support recovery of essential systems during and after an attack.



This security package protects your hospital network and IT systems against professional attacks in real time. This enables early detection of attacks and the initiation of countermeasures before hackers can cause damage.

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Magenta Security
The Cyber Defense Package – Magenta Security.



The key cyber-defense mechanisms for real-time protection on one platform: Plug and play, pre-configured blade servers for sensors and software, direct connection to the Cyber Defense Center of Telekom Security, possible extension to include cyber insurance from Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.


One password for all services. Using tokens as the authentication medium to generate the one-time password, the server communicates with the TeleSec OneTimePass server which checks the one-time password and returns the test result. Two-factor authentication, low cost, certified data centers.


Perfect IT security thanks to protection against annoying and malicious content, operated in highly secure German data centers. With Business Mail Protect, Deutsche Telekom offers comprehensive protection for combating spam and malware from e-mails.


Cyber Defense protects hospitals with up-to-date information. The behavior of the network and IT systems is monitored context-sensitively and in real time, attacks can be detected more quickly and countermeasures taken before damage occurs.


Modern drone technology is not only powerful, but also easy to understand and affordable – which means the misuse of the technology is also increasing. Espionage, sabotage and airborne attacks can affect hospitals. Our solutions help to defend against this.


IT systems can be the target of attacks from the internal network — whether due to malware, intrusions into the network, or employees who ignore security regulations. Our honeypot sensors provide protection within vulnerable sub-networks.


Mobile Protect Pro provides real-time protection against attacks on terminals, networks and applications. Internet Protect Pro relocates the cyber protection shield to the cloud and protects against malware from the internet. This addresses the danger posed by employees surfing the internet.


To find out how good your IT security is, you have to use the same methods as the attackers. Placing security experts in the role of attackers is the most reliable way to identify and examine technical vulnerabilities and derive targeted countermeasures.


Close information exchange with the Cyber Defense Center and the Security Operations Centers of Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems, the operation of ICT infrastructures for multinational customers, membership in FIRST, Terena and the National CERT network – hotline, off-site and on-site support.


We provide cloud-based support against DDoS attacks on web servers with Web DDoSDefense Services. No matter whether the web server is in your own infrastructure or hosted by a provider. DDoS Mitigation Device is an On Premises software service that distinguishes between legitimate and illegitimate network traffic. 


St. Katharinen Hospital

St. Katharinen Hospital Frankfurt am Main

The St. Katharinen Hospital in Frankfurt am Main networks its IT system using an integration server.

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Dernbacher Gruppe

Dernbacher Gruppe Katharina Kasper

The Dernbacher Gruppe and Telekom Healthcare Solutions combine in a long-standing IT partnership.

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Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Patients expect an integrated treatment record, say Rahul Butta of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH and Michael Waldbrenner, Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH, in their interview.

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