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08.12.2020 - pdf 856 KB

St. Katharinen Frankfurt

Control and flexibility as integration server connects systems
08.12.2020 - pdf 361 KB

St. Francis Foundation

Secure, high-availability networking of hospitals and care facilities
08.12.2020 - pdf 512 KB

Johanniter Serviceportal

Sysem to provide day-to-day support in assisted living situations
08.12.2020 - pdf 278 KB

Central Krankenversicherung AG

Motivation and incentives for self-help for sufferers of type 2 diabetes
08.12.2020 - pdf 436 KB

Inselspital Berne

Highly available and secure image data from the internet
08.12.2020 - pdf 391 KB

Esslingen Hospital

Flexible, secure application management for hospitals
08.12.2020 - pdf 142 KB


Artificial intelligence from the Open Telekom Cloud
08.12.2020 - pdf 1 MB

Burgenländische Krankenanstalten KRAGES

Optimized core process and compliance with legal requirements
08.12.2020 - pdf 512 KB

Hospital Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum

Entertainment, communications and work, all managed intelligently in an innovative network
08.12.2020 - pdf 510 KB

Knappschaft Hospital Bottrop

Modern, paperless documentation with the iMedOne® Mobile app at the patient’s bedside
08.12.2020 - pdf 538 KB

TrialComplete Science Edition

Study documentation, image data management and process efficiency
08.12.2020 - pdf 904 KB

The Diabetes Prevention Portal

A comprehensive solution
08.12.2020 - pdf 1 MB

Interface Manager for Healthcare

Connect IT systems securely
08.12.2020 - pdf 374 KB

TrialComplete Early Phase Edition

Study documentation, process management and subject management
08.12.2020 - pdf 126 KB

iMedOne® Mobile

Medicine and care on the move
08.12.2020 - pdf 561 KB


The HIS with the best connections
08.12.2020 - pdf 2 MB

Cardiac Insuffiency

Remote patient monitoring for chronic diseases.


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