The focus of our healthcare portals is on providing care. This benefits patients and doctors in both clinical and research settings. From patient portals for access to HIS to online platforms for research independent of location and time – security is always the top priority. Our healthcare portals maintain the highest data protection standards, providing protected access to sensitive healthcare and research data via certified Telekom data centers.


A modern patient’s portal connects clinics, doctors, and patients for greater security, transparency, and efficiency in providing care. For example, it provides access to the hospital information system (HIS) to make use of a clinic’s services. Portals for research and study data provide means to access and process research data. Mobile, simple, and secure.

  • Secure connection between patients and clinics—use the iMedOne® healthcare portal to access hospital services from your smartphone
  • Research anywhere and anytime using the TrialComplete clinical document management system (CDMS) which provides authorized users with access to research data
  • Can be hosted in the Telekom Healthcare Cloud (THC) in Germany
  • Uses Telekom datas centers, certified to ISO/IEC 27001


Secure, transparent, efficient networking for successful therapy with our versatile healthcare portals for patients, doctors, and hospitals.


With the TrialComplete data management system, research and study data can be securely and permanently administered and archived.


Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Patients expect an integrated treatment record, say Rahul Butta of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH and Michael Waldbrenner, Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH, in their interview.

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German Heart Center Berlin

German Heart Center Berlin

The German Heart Center Berlin uses TrialComplete in its collaborations.

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