Our iMedOne® patient portal incorporates patients in the process of providing care. A direct link between iMedOne® and the patient via app, web portal, or hospital kiosk facilitates administrative processes, saves time, increases timeliness, and enables interaction between the clinic and patient without tying up personnel at the same time. The solution provides a range of applications for day-to-day clinical activities.

  • Admission via online information on the webpage about the clinic and stay, including smartphone access
  • Completing pre-admission processes prior to the stay, including appointments, documents, and questionnaires
  • Important information during the stay, including staff, station, examinations, and food
  • Helpful questionnaires after discharge about patient satisfaction, document downloads, and much more
100percent mobile with the iMedOne® Mobile app
220facilities currently use our iMedOne® HIS


As the digital heart of modern clinics, hospital information systems (HIS) add value to the hospital’s patient services and optimize monitoring options for hospital staff. The iMedOne® healthcare portal provides a secure connection between HIS and patients. It is very important after all, for patients to be sufficiently informed during their stay at the clinic.

  • The patient receives smartphone access to services and contact with the hospital
  • The clinic can send active messages and provide standard content
  • Greater security, transparency, reliability, and efficiency in patient care
Benefits for patients

Benefits for patients

  • Time saving, for example with self-scheduled appointments instead of waiting on hold for the clinic hotline
  • Increased independent choices, such as for opening electronic patient files for access
  • Improved services, including medication reminders and illustrated information about medications
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Benefits for clinics

Benefits for clinics

  • Improved services with increased clinic reachability and multilingual capability at the portal
  • Quality assurance with patient surveys about special treatments
  • Fewer missed appointments due to automatic reminders
  • Time saving with automated communications
  • Individualized HIS integration
  • Data protection and security

OUR SOLUTION – iMedOne® for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


Using iMedOne® resource management as a basis, all relevant calendars can be addressed by the patient via the app or portal. After all, a lot of information can be exchanged prior to the hospital stay, such as appointments, questionnaires, and admission documents.


At the station, the patient needs a widely varied information at different phases of the stay, such as introduction of the nursing and physician teams, information about station procedures, instructions for examinations, or help with navigation.


The digital connection between your hospital and patients does not end with discharge, but continues with numerous services, including questionnaires on patient satisfaction, document downloads, and federal medication plans and much more.



Securely hosted in the Telekom Healthcare Cloud in Germany; everyone is verified (such as via 2-factor authentication) and complies with the general data protection regulation (EU GDPR), including personal data, healthcare data, and social data under § 35 SGB I.



The HIS with the best connections



Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Three questions for Rahul Butta and Michael Waldbrenner

Patients expect an integrated treatment record, say Rahul Butta of Deutsche Telekom Healthcare & Security Solutions GmbH and Michael Waldbrenner, Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH, in their interview.

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Medication management

Modern medication management with the iMedOne® HIS. Electronic medication provides greater drug therapy safety.

Documentation of care

Digital care record using electronic care reports is a permanent part of the iMedOne® Care clinical workstation system from Telekom Healthcare Solutions.


With the TrialComplete data management system, research and study data can be securely and permanently administered and archived.

iMedOne® patient portal

The iMedOne® patient portal securely connects patients and hospitals and provides patients with mobile access to many services via smartphone.


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