The Interface Manager for Healthcare integration server interlinks IT systems that use different communications standards.

Integration Server (IM4HC)

Integration Server – Connecting systems under control

The groundwork for running a hospital optimally from the medical and economic viewpoints is laid to a large extent by conflating in the hospital information system all the data that is required from individual departments and functional areas. That enables this data to be made available wherever it is needed at the clinic.

The Interface Manager for Healthcare

  • manages, configures and monitors all information processes via an app, and does so from any workplace. Monitoring is also possible via a mobile app.
  • comes with adapters for all frequently used communication standards (HL7, HCM, XML, WEB Services, FTP, HTTP(S), et al.) and has an application program interface (API) for linking it with specific connectors, adapters, and processing modules. This ensures a high level of flexibility in integrating your existing IT systems.
  • adapts automatically to changes in the HCM interface of the leading SAP system by modifying the format description file.
  • ensures automatic error recognition and assists with troubleshooting.
  • is a purely Java application and independent of platforms and third-party licenses. It is an open, distributed, and scalable architecture with load distribution.
  • bundles all hospital communication processes as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • simplifies even complex migrations by operating in parallel.