Mobile medical rounds with the KIS iMedOne® Mobile app enable digital entry of patient data, directly at the point of care.
By using mobile applications and smartphones and tablets you can optimize work processes at your hospital. Relieve the burden on doctors and nursing staff and improve your patients’ quality of healthcare at the same time.
  • Mobile findings, doctors’ letters, diagnoses, and procedures
  • Test results displayed graphically and cumulative findings
  • Instruct service facilities and approve orders
  • Online access to the picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
  • Prescribe and release medications, including access to medication subsystem
  • Give instructions to colleagues and document action taken while on the move
  • Access the iMedOne® calendar and surgery appointments
  • Dictate digitally and send dictation straight to the typing pool
  • Document medical and nursing care using text templates
  • Measure vital signs and display fever curve
  • Document nursing measures by means of hand signals
  • Document wounds, including photos
  • Take medical photos and save them straight to the folder
  • Photograph paper documents and save them to the folder as PDF files
  • Use built-in barcode scanner for patient identification
  • Save patients’ master data with alarm indicators, reference to private patient status, and reminder of birthdays
  • Manage workflows smartly using dynamic lists of patients and an occupancy overview by departments, wards, and outpatient clinics