The hospital information system (KIS) makes it possible to support hospital processes and increase their quality.


iMedOne® Hospital Information System

iMedOne® and iMedOne® Mobile support processes in hospitals in a wide range of ways. They both contribute substantially toward profitability and quality improvement because they make the work of doctors and nursing staff much easier.

iMedOne® Mobile

The many existing users would no longer want to be without their iMedOne® Mobile apps with online access to iMedOne® because they enable doctors and nursing staff to have all the data and functions they need at hand any time, anywhere:
  • Mobile findings and doctors’ letters
  • Laboratory findings displayed graphically and cumulative findings
  • Vitals and fever curve
  • Digital dictation anywhere sent directly to the typing pool
  • Order release
  • Mobile documentation of prescription and completion
  • Dynamic patients’ lists

Quality Assurance

iMedOne® supports the user not only by drawing up the statutory quality assurance documentation, but also ensures transparency in target statistics and in-house data evaluation.Special mention must be made of the following:
  • Mandatory target statistics are checked and compiled in iMedOne®
  • The uniform German quality assurance documentation is compiled from iMedOne® data in the required format:
    - External comparative QA as per Section 137 of the German Social Insurance Code
    - QA filter and QA certificate
    - Perinatal, neonatal
    - Cardiac and transplant surgery
    - ALKK and DGAI (German professional bodies)
  • Data transmission and return to the relevant reception points undertaken directly from iMedOne®
  • The user is actively taken through QA
  • Option of adding own data to mandatory quality assurance documentation
Our Solution – Hospital Information System
iMedOne® Billing offers all users optimal support with patient management and billing. It contains all the functionalities of inpatient and outpatient billing:
  • Integration of a variety of financial and cost accounting systems
  • Integrated cash administration and cash book
  • Comfortable and transparent data communication with statutory and private health insurers as per paragraph 301 of the German Social Insurance Code
  • Wide range of controlling and data export options
In the Stroke Angel and Cardio Angel telemedicine projects patients’ data is sent straight from the ambulance to the hospital and iMedOne®. On admission the iMedOne® Manchester Triage System (MTS) is used. You can also integrate additional classification systems of your own. In the end, outpatient and inpatient treatment merge seamlessly.
For drafting, editing, and managing admission, transfer, and release letters, operation reports, and internal and external results, doctors and clerical staff have in iMedOne® MedText Editor a tool that leads to a considerable time saving in day-to-day work.
The Editor includes:
  • Placeholders and text blocks with stored text rules
  • Assistants to automate document creation
  • Integration of dictation systems and speech recognition
  • Scanning of external findings about the patient
  • Link to audit-proof digital archiving systems
iMedOne® makes a decisive contribution toward easing the burden on nursing. It minimizes significantly the time and effort required for documentation and administration. Patients’ data can be recorded swiftly and intuitively – mobile and right at the patient’s beside.
In detail that means:
  • Comprehensive mapping of the nursing process
  • A comfortable patient curve, individually configurable
  • Wound documentation to expert standard
  • Medication management with treatment safety test
With clinical paths you can plan, monitor, and control a patient’s entire treatment on the basis of evidence – with no restriction on freedom of treatment for medical care, of course. The system records instructions automatically in the background, plans appointments and resources, and connects dependent process steps with each other.
One of the positive consequences is cost transparency for individual diseases by means a clear allocation of services.
iMedOne® assistance systems lead to faster results and better quality because they can bundle the hospital’s competence and knowledge in clinical paths for each and every disease.
Further details include:
  • Bi-directional integration of coding and grouper solutions
  • Access to leading systems in the medication preparation process
  • Literature for individual problems of the patient’s sent directly to the workplace
By integrating subsystems iMedOne® ensures swift and uncomplicated provision and conflation of information required from all functional areas.
The service facility management of iMedOne® ensures data interchange with special systems in functional departments by means of its comfortable order.
Examples include:
  • Service requests and documentation
  • Derivation of operation and procedural (OPS) and service codes, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Easy recording of results with word processing modules iMedOne® Client MS Word or iMedOne® Client Editor
  • Dynamic and freely configurable work lists
iMedOne® supports you in an exemplary fashion in conflating and evaluation all information required for optimal patient care. The system then automatically draws up the ideal further course of action.
The highlights:
  • Cross-sectoral data flow, including transfer to clinical path
  • Material management
  • Medication control
  • Links to all relevant financial and controlling software solutions
  • Integration of picking up and dropping off service into the functional processes of service facility management
  • Consumption documentation sent straight to the surgical documentation